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New Jersey Installation of EV Car Chargers for Your Home

Updated: Mar 10

Over the past few decades, the demand for electric vehicles has continued to increase worldwide. Currently, electric vehicles in the United States make up about 1% of the cars on the road. Fortunately, the demand for them is growing at an exponential rate, meaning that there will very likely be a significant increase in the number of electric vehicle drivers in the next decade.

Why the sudden rise in demand for electric vehicles (EVs)?

Government bodies have been at the forefront of spearheading the campaigns for EVS to lower carbon emissions.

This is why many private businesses have started looking at ways of lowering the use of fossil fuels. There has been an increase in the installation of electric vehicle chargers. This is thanks to the many governments offering various incentives. Some of these incentives include tax relief, parking benefits, and even access to the highway.

Why you Should Consider a Home EV Charger Now

With PSEG rebates on EV chargers for the people of New Jersey and the US at large, now is an excellent time to consider adding an EV charging station to your home. A year from now, it may be too late.

The current US energy market has resulted in an oversupply of energy, which has created cheap energy rates for the people. The people of New Jersey should consider taking advantage of this by installing a home EV charger, which will result in huge savings on electricity expenses. In addition, you will be doing your fair share in helping the environment by reducing emissions.

Receive an incentive of up to $5,000 when you purchase or lease a new electric vehicle!

Where to buy and install your EV car chargers for homes

If you're considering a home installation of an EV charging station, New Jersey has plenty of options.

As mentioned at https://www.sustainableprinceton.org/blog/ev-charging-incentives-are-here/, the cost of chargers can go up to $1000, while the installation process can cost nothing less than $400. Therefore, you must be careful when picking a charging station and the company which will install it.

These companies offer complimentary EV charging stations, which will only last for a few years, while the most expensive offer chargers that can last for as much as 30 years. It is wise to go for a long-lasting one so you will not experience any more costs once the installation process is over.

What to consider when choosing an EV charger installer for your home

The process of finding an EV charging station installer may be time-consuming and confusing. However, the best way to proceed is to discuss your specific needs and possible locations for your charger with potential installers, then research each of them to find a company that's well regarded within the EV community, as well as by their customers. Here are things you should look for in an EV charger installer:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, and EV owners in your area

With many installers based in New Jersey, it will be best to ask for recommendations from friends and close family members. This will save your precious time and effort visiting multiple charging station providers.

  • Check Reviews Online

Thanks to the advancements in tech, today, it's much easier to find what other clients have to say about a company you might be looking to hire for EV charger installation in your home.

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